SIX-37 HOME was created on a crisp Autumn day when I was hand pouring 60 candles as favors for my upcoming wedding. The fragrance of the candles will forever bring back memories of a final dress fitting, spending time with family, the warmth of the fire place, Thanksgiving, and the days leading up to my wedding.  


The sense of smell is linked to memory, more than any of the other senses; the smell of rain, laundry, a former boyfriend's cologne or girlfriend's perfume often transports us to a time in our past. Fragrances can be a trigger to bring back forgotten experiences.


SIX-37 HOME's products are unique.  Our high-quality and phthalate-free scents are curated from various sources and fragrances are often mixed to create a unique blend of scent. As a result, a peppermint scented candle will often times smell of peppermint, cream, vanilla, and clove.  It is our hope that our products will bring back fond memories or help create new ones.

Our luxury candles are individually poured in small batches and are made with high quality, all natural coconut wax and phthalate free fragrance oils.  Our diffusers are handmade with non-toxic, phthalate free materials.  We put a lot of love and care into our products and know that you will enjoy them. We are thrilled to see our candles and diffusers enjoyed by you and welcome comments, photos, and reviews. Please feel free to tag us on social media.

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