Hitting the Pause Button

Hitting the Pause Button

I am a HUGE fan of the pause button.  Watching a movie on Netflix and have to take a bathroom break, get a glass of water, or having a craving for popcorn?  Hit the pause button. I love that the option of pausing exists in many situations.  Sometimes I wish there was a pause button for life. 

I'm a busy working mom - I have a team that I am responsible for at work and I have 2 teenaged boys, a husband, 3 cats and a dog at home (all boys).  I am also responsible for making sure the household runs smoothly and I am privileged to be the creative force behind SIX-37 HOME (it's my baby and hard to let control go to even a trusted member of my family). There are days where I could use a pause button.  I'm sure my fellow human beings - young and older - could use that same button.

In my 20s I found that yoga was a perfect outlet for pausing.  As I got older and my responsibilities and family grew, I did not always have time for a 90 minute yoga practice as often as I'd like. These days, I find that taking 20 to 30 minutes out of my day to meditate first thing in the morning or after the 9 to 5 grind is over, is a great pause button. 

This past summer, I had been working on a new line of chakra fragrance beads, but through some divine inspiration, changed direction and created a line of chakra candles.  Truthfully, I've been using them for my own purposes during my meditation practice. During one of my meditations, my husbands words, "share the love" came to mind.  This is what he said to me when I told him that I was keeping the Love candle for our home and wasn't intending to offer for sale. Today, SIX-37 HOME's Love candle has become a customer favorite.

SIX-37 HOME's chakra candles are scented with fragrances that compliment each chakra and are infused with reiki energy (by me).  I'm mulling over the idea of including a crystal that compliments each chakra as well.  Stay tuned - I am hoping to complete the line for sale in the next couple of weeks.  Until then, stop hitting the snooze button, get up 10 minutes earlier and sit and meditate. So good for the soul!